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Our story

The former logo of the Vinesh Saxena Family Foundation. A lighthouse illuminating the surroundings.

The Vinesh Saxena Family Foundation was founded in 2004 by Mr Vinesh Saxena as a charitable organisation. After being born in India, acquiring an engineering degree, and obtaining a master's degree fromthe University of New Brunswick as well as an MBA, he embarked on a successful career.Eventually, he sought to give back and assist others in their journeys.

The Vinesh Saxena Family Foundation has been offering free yoga sessions since 2010. Vinesh, who studied at the Patanjali Yoga Peeth Canada, also served as an instructor at the sessions he established.

Vinesh Saxena in a park practising yoga
HR-2024-02-10 vsffoundation 161.jpg
Denis and Lisa

The Vinesh Saxena Family Foundation is now run by the children and wife of the late Mr Saxena. Restructuring is taking place to improve current practices.

New logo, more modern but with the same essence as the original logo.

Setting up the Tutorépit project

Foundation logo
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